2018 Spring Organization Meeting

i April 09, 2018


Happy Spring, Single Track Trail Riders!

With the onset of warmer weather and diminishing snow pack, thoughts of getting back on my motorcycle occupy my daily routine. As my younger brother once said “Any day you’re putting on riding gear is a good day”.

As former president of the CBTRA its my hope this correspondence will motivate some of the younger riders to step up and assume the task of running our local riding association.

Who is running the club right now is a question I hope CBTRA members are asking? Doug Cernock has stepped up as a temporary leader. Doug is willing to help out to a point …. but as a group we need several volunteers to direct the CBTRA. I want to thank all of you who have participated in trail work days. Four trail work days spread over the course of the summer is not too much to ask. We have tried to schedule the past work days so that you are back on your bike trail riding by 1 to 2pm at the latest.

Why do we need CBTRA? It’s important to maintain a seat at the table with the U.S. .Forest Service in order to maintain the legal trails that we have. And if there is any hope of expanding on the existing system, this will only happen by maintaining a relationship with the Forest Service.

I am pretty sure the majority of motorized single track trail riders would prefer not to poach trails as their only means to recreate. CBTRA exists to give motorized single-track trail riders a voice with both the US Forest Service & BLM.

If you have any interest in getting involved with your local riding group and would like to make a difference in preserving our local riding areas please attend the April 26th organizational meeting at 5:30p.m. at KTM of Aspen.


Former President
Greg Fitzpatrick