Hunting Reminder & CBTRA Happenings

i September 07, 2015


Just a reminder to all trail riders that bow hunting season (Archery) is underway. Give the bow hunters a break and limit your riding hours from 10 AM till 2PM. Limiting our riding hours during Bow Season and Black Powder Season is part of motorized user’s accommodations to The Colorado Parks and Wildlife folks. CPW provides OHV trail maintenance monies to our area and in return we should respect this request. Keep in mind Green Gate is a prime bow hunting area. The fees from hunting licenses makes up major portion of the Colorado Division of Wildlife budget. Not to confuse things but the Colorado Parks and Colorado Division of Wildlife have merged. The wildlife group operates on funds received from the sale of hunting and fishing licenses.

Two dates to keep in mind, September 19, and October 4th. Sept 19 on Basalt Mountain we will have a Trail Ambassador ride in the morning, lunch will be provided and meet with Jon Thompson for a short class. Please RSVP at for this ride so we have a head count for food.

On October 4th there is a work day (5 hours) on Green Gate. I will post additional details. A big turnout of riders will allow us to finish the reroutes on Green Gate.